Monday, October 17, 2011

In dreams, not for the faint of heart or stomach

I am still in the middle of re-organizing the crafting area upstairs in my crafty cave.  But when it's done, oh the things I hope to create.  I have much to do, but this organizing thing is a necessary evil.  It will get done.

Last night, I had a sea of bizarre dreams.  One of which woke me up, and I was actually scared.  I thought to myself "why can't it just be daylight, everything is less creepy during the day..." and I was reluctant to close my eyes to go back to sleep, but too afraid to keep them open in the dark. Guess which won?  You guessed it... Sleep.  So off to sleep I go again, this time to have another unusual dream. 

In my second dream at one point was Christopher Walken. THE man.  He is cooler than hell.  And in my dream, I was trying to impress him.  He played some role of a dark character - I don't remember exactly what his purpose in my dream was but I do remember the challenge he placed in front of me.  It was to eat a plate of... of stuff.  On this plate, there were pig intestines, raw pig meat, and topping it, was a couple of slices of cooked bacon and a chocolate chip cookie.  I mean, really?!  REALLY?  I proceeded to eat this plate of disgustingness and choked a little on the pig intestine as I was trying to swallow it.  A pocket of air was trapped and it was blocking my airway, so I pointed to my open mouth to show Christopher the air bubble (he had been watching me eat, quite contently because I didn't freak out, I was as cool as he was apparently, or at least gained his approval) so he very nonchalantly poked his finger in my mouth and pushed the air bubble further down my throat so I could swallow.  How bizarre of a dream is THAT?

I think that's about enough for one blog in itself.  I hope none of you lost your most recent meal reading the above content.  If you managed to make your way through all of it, allow me to give you the look of approval that Mr. Walken gave me.  Kudos to you!

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