Thursday, October 20, 2011

It's no time to chill

Today broke me, I caved.  I turned on the dreaded furnace.  The temperature inside the house had been holding steady around 66, then it dropped lower, and lower.  It got to 63 and I decided that's it!  Time to get it to at least to 66 again.  So, I got out my reluctant finger, and applied it to the button that controls the bank; or at least seems to, through that nasty thing called "the electric bill" *shudder* it just had to be done.  You'd better believe that as SOON as it's a little warmer again, it's going right back off.  I am hoping this is only temporary for now, as I know the days are numbered when we'll require the heat to be on 24/7.  Until then, I am going to squeeze every penny I can save out of it.  It's always a personal challenge -how low can I get the electric bill?

On a totally unrelated note, we watched "Meet Joe Black" last night.  It was a good (and long, wow!) movie.  I realize it's from 1989 or something rediculous like that, but we don't do a whole lot of movie/TV watching around here.  We do have a Netflix account, and only watch the streaming movies.  Now that colder weather is approaching, I see us snuggling up in piles of blankets watching a few more movies than we normally do.

If you have kids, you may find this tid-bit of information useful if you need to make a laugh or two or 500.  Take a black marker, and if you're right handed, take the inside of your left pointer finger and draw a nice, fancy mustache on it.  Then, put it under your nose, mustache side out, and look at your kids.  It makes simple conversation SO much more interesting.  It took about 2.3 nano-seconds before they decided to follow suit.  It was a great time to liven up a soggy, cold, after-dinner-do-your-homework evening.  Enjoy!

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