Thursday, October 27, 2011

What's that wafting in the air?

Ahhhh. Here in the land of all things KJ, it's a good day when you get a box at your door and through the packing materials and box; seeping from the seams you smell mini candle shop. I could hardly wait to open the box which was holding my aromatic abundance of happiness.

I ripped the box open and my nose came alive and fell in love. The WoodWick wax melts were here! A concoction of lavender, caramel, sun-ripened apple, redwood and fireside all swirled together in a nasal intoxication like never experienced before. If there is a heaven, I hope it smells something like this.

Breathe in, smile, breathe out.

I hope your day smelled half as good as mine. :)

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