Friday, October 21, 2011


Today began on a very off note, because of lack of sleep, mostly.  It's Friday.  I should have woken up in a fantastic mood.  I am not fully awake yet, though.  However, I'm more awake now than I was an hour ago.  Yay for progress!  I actually think I got granted a do-over.  I caught some sleep, then got up to get a few things done... and just like my first try, I sipped some coffee, and read my equivalent to the news.... Facebook.

Onward, with the do-over.  As I sleep sit here at my laptop, trying to steady the coffee to my lips and keep my back turned to the 2nd attempt of "morning grumpies" I peruse my facebook.  Cranking my eyeballs open enough to read the what's-what of who's -ever-whom... I hear an angel calling my name... KJ... Kayyyyy.... Jayyyyyy..... I sense a disturbance in the force. 

Then I see it.

If you know much about me, I love candles.  Particularly - WoodWick Candles.  Last year I was graced enough to be a "nose" for them.  They sent a few select people to be on their fragrance team to test out their new line of scents before they hit the market.  I was stoked.  It was AWESOME.  Well, my friends, today I had another good moment, with WoodWick.  I am a fan of their Facebook page,!/WoodWickCandles if you're curious.  I see they've listed one of their "Facebook Fridays"; each Friday they do promotional things where you can win various discounts and freebies. Well, today's challenge was to unscramble the letters to 4 of their scents to win 5 free wax melts. The first 10 to email in, won. My name didn't get mentioned (not everyones did), but I still won the coupon code.  I am so excited!  It just made my day.  If you've never tried them, the next candle you buy should be a WoodWick .  They are from the Virginia Candle Company found here -  They cost a little more than regular candles, but they last longer, and the fragrances are far superior than any other candles I've tried.

I hope you have a Fantastic Friday, with, or without a do-over. :-)

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