Thursday, November 3, 2011

Just leaf me alone

It's me!  I'm alive... ALIVE!

Today is the day, I finally feel well rested.  My arm is recovered enough from my flu shot (it really hurt! I wonder if they had mistaken an elephant tranquilizer for the little shot I was supposed to have) Three days later and I'm feeling better, aside from nasally yuckadoo going on.  I took some allergy medicine and it's helping... I think.  So what's the logical thing to do?  Leaves!  I shall enter the yard, donned in my finest allergy armor; and we will battle.  Leaves vs. KJ 
They've done their job, they've shaded us, shown off their best and brightest colors on exit, and now it's time for me to remove help them.  That is right.  I will help them become part of life again, at the local compost pile.  They can give the leafy version of donating blood; they can help give life by making some beautifully rich soil to grow more trees to make more leaves.  It is a beautiful circle.  Really it is. 

"It's a beautiful circle," I will chant these words as I look at the ocean of crunchy leaves swimming in our back yard.  I'll chant it so loudly, that it will drown out the "what the hell was I thinking."

Of course,  I just might have to do it the high tech way, listening to tunes on my bluetooth headset - streaming my favorite Pandora radio channel - VAST.  I am quite positive the last ounce of motivation I need is in the bottom of my coffee cup.

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